My magic castle

My magic castle

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Eyes Have It

Open your eyes and let wonderful sights and ideas enter your magical realm. Look up and live.
The eyes are powerful organs and more than just an organ of sight. For instance if your neck is stiff when you turn it, you can unlock those muscles by turning your eyes in the direction you are turning your neck and the range of motion will be increased.
To help yourself go into the alpha state roll your eyes up towards the top of your head as you lean back. Alpha state refers to the rhythm of your brain waves. Beta is the normal state. Alpha is a relaxed state, nearing hypnotic trance. A few days ago I was having some stress but I found my small kaleidoscope right there near my computer. A magical gift in the way and time it manifested itself. I turned to the light coming in through the window in the door and instantly acheived calm.
Lightly touching your face around your eyes, and on the forehead between the eyes, the area of the third eye, is part of the technique known as tapping. This can be very calming as well.
Your eyes can be part of your set of magical tools.

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