My magic castle

My magic castle

Monday, January 18, 2010

Just to Make It Through The Day

Writing about magic is causing me to be more aware of the tools and better able to use them. I woke up this morning in a very low state. In the past I would have gone back to bed, sunk into a hole and pulled everything in behind me. This morning I knew I needed to change my perceptions, but that it couldn't be done by will power alone. I took my vitamins and went back to bed. Feeling better when I woke back up in an hour I then started to create a change. I remembered my story that my writing critique group will discuss tomorrow, "Joshua's Lost Hand". A small boy lets his hand stay caught in his long-sleeved tee shirt as a way to assert his individuality and get through the day. That was my omen that I was meant to get through the day. Another omen of goodness was a phone call with good news I received. Then the spells were to eat, stretch a bit, and to check to see the actual state of something I thought was broken yesterday. It was okay. Then I looked at the couple of little figurines I have chosen to represent my worry pets. They were separate and not me. I sent them a smile. The last spell was to look at my worrisome 'do list' and it didn't seem that bad at all. Magic abounds. Magic empowers.

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