My magic castle

My magic castle

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Ears Have It

Yesterday's miracle occurred as I was helping a young friend figure out how she could deal with something she was afraid of and I realized I could use my own advice. She had just told me she wanted to learn to drive a stick shift but was afraid. I went thru the steps of desensitization, imagining, visualizing, exposure, relaxation at every step when the nervousness attacks,small steps, getting help when needed and so on.I also promised I would teach her. Suddenly I realized I have/had a lot of anxiety packed in a hard clump around my desire to reach out and get myself published as a writer for children. I keep putting off trying to find an agent or publisher and I have a body of work built up. A lot of stomach knots but I have since made progress and a plan. My tip for you is: tell others what you feel called to, but remember to listen to yourself. You might be telling yourself something you need to know. Talk till you can hear yourself.:) :)

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