My magic castle

My magic castle

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Magical Key To Creativity

Doing things your way, effectively, can be tremdously satisfying and rewarding. That is what creativity is. The key to creativity is first: recognize the box, second: wonder what is outside of it. Chaos is the source for creativity. It is not creativity. It is chaotic to try to come up with something other than the wheel when the wheel is the best solution. But until you really check out what the goal is, then consider options, you may not be able to judge what is the best outcome.
My favorite definition of intelligence is: "The ability to learn from the environment." That is what you do when you bother to ask questions. You become aware of the environment and then decide how you will interect with it.
Developing the art of asking questions is a wonderful life help. Some helpful questions to consider as you go along are: Will this action have good or dire consequences? Am I acting in tune with my values? How can I add some zing to this product? Will this interest or irritate others, and what do I want it to do? Am I accurately assessing the situation? What is the situation? What interests me about this? Do I really like this? What toxic ideas from my past are influencing me right now? Is there a fear that is holding me back? How shall I deal with it?
Ask questions, accept answers (especially from your inner self), live well. Have a spark of magic in your life.

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