My magic castle

My magic castle

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Sacred Dialogue

In order to live a magical life one must carry on a constant dialogue between the inner and outter self. We do that anyway. Self talk goes on constantly. Our emotions come from the things we tell ourselves, from the interpretations we make. Our brains are set up in two hemispheres and the left side, (for right handed people) deals with logic, while the right side is more creative and intuitional. The well balanced person allows or encourages integration between the two sides of the brain. My understanding of magic is based on that integration. Recently I asked someone what they thought about my blog and they said they did not deal with magic, as it was dangerous! The subconscious is feared by people who block it away.
I believe when people let themselves be fearful and insecure there is a danger in giving up your personal power. Then help is craved, needed at any cost. The idea of black magic is a result of that insecurity, as is substance abuse, propitiation,self-sacrifice and other coping mechanisms. Dialogue often involves questions. Questions can start the process of enlightment. Black magic is full of humiliation. White magic is creation, balance, pride. Talk it over with yourself. You may see hope, rather than fear.

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