My magic castle

My magic castle

Friday, April 2, 2010

Accept Magic In All It's Forms

You will get gifts and reminders that will help you along your pathways if you will be open to them. You will need an idea and it will come to you from an unusual source. Once I needed to get somewhere on a bus, but the bus driver for that route had left early. Another bus driver for a different route knew that and saw me at a stop, just waiting for the bus that would never come. He called out to me, I listened, and he gave me a ride home after he had finished his route. It was only a few blocks for him to detour but it would have been a hard bad walk for me. Jobs have opened up just as I have needed them. Food has been offered. People have been too busy for me and that has steered me into better contacts. You will get to see other people discover and nurture their gifts. Your gifts will develop and flourish. Someone will give you a health tip that will work. I was editing my grandfather's diaries while in graduate school. Many passages were in Dutch. Someone I knew had a friend who was a native speaker of Dutch, living within driving distance and willing to translate, for free. Life can have its difficulties. But it is sweetened and made possible with myriad events that encourage and sustain us. Be open to that spark of magic that comes to warm us.

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