My magic castle

My magic castle

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Life's Jigsaw Puzzle

Sometimes life seems to be a puzzle. That doesn't have to block us from succeeding however. Think of the way a jigsaw puzzle fits together just right and makes sense as you find the clues to help you fit things together. The magician's mind set can help you fit things together in your own life so it feels right and makes sense. Here are a few suggestions. Don't settle for the wrong piece in the wrong place. Don't try to force pieces where they don't fit. If you think you are missing a piece don't obsess
over it, go on to the pieces you do have. The missing piece might turn up later. Looking for the broad outlines first,like finding borders, will be helpful. Always remember that this is supposed to be fun. Tiny pieces go together to make up a pleasing whole. Every piece has some importance. Again, remember that this is supposed to be fun. Sometimes a piece is in the right place but you have to adjust it by turning it around. There is a relationship between pieces. There are a lot of clues you can find as to what fits where. You have to lift up your head every once in a while to take a broader view and look for new pieces. When the last piece fits in place it's a good idea to look it all over and enjoy the feeling of a job well done.
As you puzzle over the life you are crafting reach out for that spark of magic that will help you add a bit more enjoyment and satisfaction to it.

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