My magic castle

My magic castle

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Magician' Quest

Some know it as the Magician's Quest, others know it as the Hero's Quest. It also goes as 'following your bliss', 'finding the purpose of life' or 'finding your path.' What ever we call it, it is human nature to strive to live a purposeful life.
We can get confused in this quest, however. Those who say they want to 'live the American Dream' sometimes are expressing a merely materialistic mindset. They dream of owning a home, car, and so on. There is nothing wrong with wanting to own your own home, of course. My daffodils are scrawny but still prettier than anything that surrounded the apartment building I moved out of, because they are mine. But I have a home to help me be around family and to have a place where I can write to my heart's content, not just to possess a house. I have often heard people claim of being unhappy because they didn't feel they were on the right pathway in life. How do you find your pathway? Your path is an expression of your values and your gifts.
You are a role model for others to follow. I remember the long time in my life when I knew I wasn't following my bliss, but I was on a quest nevertheless. The quest was to find out what my quest was. I journaled and experimented, suffered through wrong turns, hung in there with the best of them. One thing that helped was that I learned to identify what 'resonated' with me. I found myself interested in articles for senior citizens about writing their 'ethical will', or in doing their memoirs in a way that passed on their values and beliefs to their family. Also I noticed that friends and acquaintance who were most likely to express dissatisfaction with life were more likely to be ignoring any use of their talents. Reach out for that spark of magic that will help you on your Magician's quest. The magician goes on his own personal quest but in so doing also benefits others. May your quest be successful.

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