My magic castle

My magic castle

Monday, April 19, 2010

Energy Magic

Being in a "happy place" in your mind is pretty wonderful. I can go for hours feeling fairly happy, just getting things done. But I have to beware of getting in my head too much sometimes. At times I want to be more energized to take of challenging tasks or to interact with the people I care about in a better way. Sometimes I also want to feel more connected to the natural world around me. At those times I try to raise my energy level. There are several little things you can do to give yourself a quick spark of energy. One is to do a quick short expulsion of breath, with or without sound. Do it hard enough that the breathing muscle, the diaphragm, is jolted. Another is to breathe deeply, hold it, then slowly exhale for several times. You can also gain energy by cupping your hands in front of your mouth and nose so that you breathe in what you breathe out for a breath or two. A little shake of your head as you flare your nostrils and eyelids in an energizer. Rubbing your hands and arms will up your energy. Aerobic movements will help. Shouting and lunging may be useful. I suggest you practice assessing your energy level and experiment with upping it. It is very useful to be able to calm yourself and it is also very useful to be able to energize yourself. Let this change in energy level give you the spark of magic you need to have a satisfying life.

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