My magic castle

My magic castle

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Magic of Inner Dialogue

Sometimes I find myself feeling angry or depressed that the miracles and magic that I know can happen, haven't. I can even fail to notice that side miracles, like a great idea for a story, have come along to help me endure until I find a way to reach out for the spark to bring the magic I need to me. That is the time to stop and do a little self management. The mental spring housecleaning I needed to do was more than just throwing out stuff. It was some re-arranging and some planning. I had to look at the source of my discontent: I wanted several things I didn't have. I then used the magic of inner dialogue to decide what it would take to pursue those wants. This involved some recognition of priorities, values, and what resources I had. I also had to deal with time concepts. The self that recognized my wants didn't have much sense of "Mortal" time. I wanted what I wanted right now! Due time is a concept I really like. My inner self likes it most of the time also. So the dialogue allowed my 'wanting' self to admit that things do seem to happen in 'due time' or when the time is ripe. That freed my energy up to look at problems I needed to solve in order to bring my desired magic to me. My more centered self was then able to solve some problems and make some progress. I don't have that particular desired miracle just yet. But I have lost the anger, I have solved some problems, I gained some other benefits, and I do have hope. This was a spark of magic for me and it improved my life.

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