My magic castle

My magic castle

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Magic of Self Parenting

Parenting is a process that is tremendously important in order for a person to gain the values and skills needed for a satisfying life. Usually it is a matter of teaching and encouraging the development of good habits and values. It can be fun and rewarding. But there are times when a clash of wills will take place. The good parent is flexible but never loses sight of what is important. They will return to the development process over and over in a variety of ways, eventually winning out over the stubbornness of the child. An important concept in magic is that 'possibilities are forever'. If a skill is not developed at one time it can be developed at another. It may seem like a miracle when a senior citizen finally learns to read. But it happened because the door was not shut and sealed. All too often people fail to realize that everyone needs to become their own parent. To push for change and growth in the face of opposition is a big part of being a parent. To utilize the spark of magic to help do this for yourself remember other parenting tools like whimsy, love, comfort, understanding, and figuring things out. I have an imaginary 'mom' I call Shom, for shoulder mom. She sits there at times rooting me on when I need to do something that isn't that much fun but is necessary. Find ways to be your own parent in magical ways. That will give you a much better life.

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