My magic castle

My magic castle

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Importance Of The Spark

It is said that a calm and accepting mind set is important for the magical life. No anxieties to push blessings away. However one must guard against settling for the ordinary or worse. That is why I advocate the spark as your companion on your magical journey. When you set out to write something you will make it true to itself and well formed, being the craftsman you are. You must then look for a way to add a zing to it to make it readable in a more magical way. When you smile at a baby do the little extra with your expressions to see if he will laugh. A smile is good but fleeting. Laughter causes a bond. Add color and texture to your meals. Don't be afraid to wear jewelry. Let those puns and jokes escape your lips. Many people arrange vignettes around their home to make a whimsical or sentimental statement. Those groupings are much easier to enjoy than the old knick-knack shelf.
Unrelated knick-knacks gather dust. Vignettes gather interest. Sparks start fires. Fires warm us and give us energy. With a spark hovering somewhere near your shoulder, perhaps, you are always ready to reach out for a bit of magic, to look up instead of down, to add a dash of spice, to make something better. Where you carry your spark is your personal preference. But let it be there at all times. Let a spark of magic help you make your life a bit more livable, a bit more magical.

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