My magic castle

My magic castle

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Magic of Planning

I expect life to be pretty good most of the time and it basically responds that way for me. But I think I ought to develop the habit of "foretelling the future" so to speak. I had a lot of trouble being upbeat today. There are times that are going to be stressful and if I looked ahead and planned ways to alleviate those stresses life would be much smoother. Stress is all relative, of course. But if enough little stresses hit and there aren't any dollops of joy to balance them out they can seem pretty major. In addition, when the stresses are big one certainly needs joy and comfort in big doses to survive. The next couple of months are going to be a bit busier than usual for me. It is a good time to look at ways I want to utilize my time and resources. Then, if I am at peace with that, life will probably do as it usually does, give me gifts of serendipity and synergy. So my 'mission' for tomorrow is to look at stresses I will expect to encounter and plan on ways of dealing with them. Lists and schedules etc. In order to get the spark of magic, that little smile, the zing that is so helpful I will try to use humor and whimsy in making plans and in planning ways to keep to my plans. May all your plans have the spark of magic you need as well.

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