My magic castle

My magic castle

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Magic Is In The Message

When you tell something to someone the communication link is not complete until they have accepted or understood what you have to say. The best principal I ever had, when I was teaching, used to say that we hadn't taught a subject until the children had learned it. The way we use our voice, the timing of our communication, eye contact are all important along with the content of what we say. It is important to be on the same wavelength as the person you are trying to communicate with. It is important that you be clear in your own mind what you want to communicate. But you need to get an idea of what it is the other person wants to or will hear. One way to get an understanding of the other person is to note their speed. If they talk and walk slowly they probably like to listen to a slow rhythm of speech. You can also note whether they are partial to one sensory mode over another. If a man talks about 'seeing things a certain way', 'looking at the big picture','having some color in his life' he is apt to be partial to his visual senses. Do not jolt his visual realm by giving him things that are hard to look at and do not talk to him about 'feeling your way on a project' and then expect him to listen to you fully.
The main sensory modes for communication are visual, aural, and kinesthetic. Or eyes, ears and muscles/feelings. One who talks about being 'in on the action' will think and communicate along the lines of body involvement in other ways, for example.
So reach out for a magical life by refining your communication in ways that build good relationships.

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