My magic castle

My magic castle

Monday, April 19, 2010

Magic and Balance of Power

The Magician is one who creates his or her own magic. Sometimes the way so to do can be confusing, the way may not seem clear. At times like that it is important not to lose your sense of personal power. One time that the path can seem confusing is when you are experiencing loneliness. Loneliness is a feeling that can creep up on a person and rob them of energy and will. Don't let that overwhelm you. Find ways to deal with your loneliness before you do something that shows your loss of personal power. Some people give up their sense of personal power and give it to another in a mistaken attempt to push away loneliness. In the interaction of relationships the balance of power will be fluid and that is okay. But when it becomes set and rigid the relationship is in trouble. So, how does the magician grab onto the spark of magic to deal with loneliness? Reaching out and reaching in will do it. Simple. Dialogue with yourself in a variety of ways. Your creativity will show that dialogue and by reaching out to the ages you will be less lonely. I write for the readers I hope to have. Then sometimes I simply journal. That is another way I reach inwards. Reach out. Sometimes you may have to break the ice by simply going to the store and engaging in small talk with the clerk as you check out, before you attack the bigger problem of your loneliness, by assessing your relationships and seeing what changes you need to make. Whatever you are dealing with in your life, never doubt that you have to power to grab onto that spark of magic for yourself and make your life better.

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