My magic castle

My magic castle

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Magic Of Renewal

It's daybreak on Easter Morning. The origins of Easter go back to the goddess Oestre
who fostered growth and renewal. Perhaps throughout this winter you have gone along, dealing with problems here and there, using what magic you could to get through the cold dark time. But now you might want to think about a complete renewal, of doing the proverbial spring housecleaning on your lifestyle. Are there people who insult you or pull you down, but you continue to see them as often as usual? Maybe this is the time to begin weaning yourself from them. Do you have credit cards with a large balance? Perhaps you can find a way to pay that balance down dramatically. More exercise will renew your body. The ritual of dying eggs is old but doesn't have to be smothering, a holding on to a past that is a prison. Let this old ritual be a spark of magic for you. If you see or think of any dyed eggs today I suggest that you use that as a trigger to imagine new freedoms, new blessings, new ways of doing things that will bring more joy, more love and more creativity to your life. Renewal can also be a refreshing of the old that is tried and true. But renew your appreciation and expectations today. Let the idea of renewal be your spark of magic today. Reach out for a better life.

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