My magic castle

My magic castle

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Let Magic Help With Healing

The magician's calm and alert mindset will protect you from trauma and injury to a great extent. But when injury does happen you can use the spark of magic to facilitate healing. I do not use the term speed up healing, although it will speed it up in some cases, because each healing must happen in its own due time. One of the best uses of the spark is to help a person focus on the wound to see if they are re-wounding themselves, if they are picking at the scab before it has healed and fallen off by itself. Sometimes an injury becomes useful to a person and thus becomes something they are reluctant to give up. When the spark brings that to light that person can then find ways to find something else that is more useful to them than their injury. The little bit of light the spark brings does not set up that much resistance. Thus small cracks can be made in the concrete that has been put around this "useful dysfunction". Eventually the fortress will fall and healing will take place. The spark of magic is manifested in many ways. It is whatever brings a brief awareness of something better. When I was younger, and got winter colds more often, part of the healing I would give myself was to sit in front of a sunny window. The warmth and friendly feeling of the sun shining on me always seemed to speed up my return to health. It is the same with emotional healing, you need to find ways of letting the sun shine in. If you are consumed by guilt you will only be able to give yourself a few good minutes at a time. But the good that you still have to do in this world demands that you be happy and healthy. So the spark of magic that comes to you in brief flashes will help you find ways to heal, to lay down the burdens of the past and to accept a better life.

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