My magic castle

My magic castle

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Balance as Concept of Magic

We have been taught the importance of balance in numerous ways. We are encouraged to have our life in balance between work and play, to eat well balanced meals, have a good balance in our check book, to regain our balance after an emotional upset and so on. I wonder, however, if we are taught how to gain that balance or if it is something we need to learn for ourselves. I believe "balance" is something we can learn best by checking to see if our senses tell us when we are in balance or not. For example in physical balance the body has numerous ways of telling us if we are in balance or not and the best way to encourage good balance is to learn to allow that sensory input to come through. When people are in rehabilitation to help them regain their sense of balance while walking they have to be taught not to look down at their feet (as that leads them to lean down then fall down) but to rely on other ways of feeling balance. Ballet dancers are instructed in gaining balance by being put into positions and sensing their balance, rather than being told in words what balance is.
If you develop a sense of listening to what your body tells you it will pay off in numerous situations. In a relationship that is enriching you will feel more self-aware. In a relationship that is more mundane or out of balance you may feel nothing or you may feel self-conscious. You will know the difference by the tightening of muscles in your body, by slight temperature changes in your skin, by tightening of the muscles around your eyes, or other physical sensations.
I am suggesting that by reaching out for that spark of magic that is deeper awareness you can gain improved balance in many realms of your life. This will make your life better.

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