My magic castle

My magic castle

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Magic of "I AM"

Many times in life we will fall prey to our natural vulnerabilities. It is very hard not to judge ourselves; to wish we could describe ourselves as handsome or pretty, to say we are successful, to find an admirable label and give it to ourselves. Especially when we are forming relationships. Labels can be useful and they can be dangerous. If you can stop at I AM rather than going on to I AM A..... you will be stronger. Watch out for the pain wanting better labels will cause you. I AM. I have some friends I would like to have approve of me. However they may be human beings and will not approve of me at every moment and in every situation. Perhaps they have a life of their own to live and they cannot spend every moment giving me approval. When I am able to grab that spark of magic to help me with relationships I will reach out to find out in what ways my friend, or friends, and I will mesh. I will discover how we can give to each other in ways that is good for each of us. If I want something from my friends that does not suit them to give, I will still be thankful for the good I do receive from my friend, or friends.

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