My magic castle

My magic castle

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Let Magic Shine

Magic is like sunshine. It streams down all the time but you have to be available for it to shine on you. Now how can you do that? Don't hide away from the world in a closet of dark thoughts for one thing. Don't push blessings and good luck away from yourself. Ralph Waldo Emerson suggested, in one of his essays, that if you stir the pond on one side the good things floating on the other side will eventually be drawn to you. Let people know what you have to offer them. Let people know what you need from them. Put it out to the universe what you are trying to learn or accomplish. The world is full of people who enjoy helping people along their way. To test out the truth of that statement think of the times you have noticed something in a shop you thought someone else would like and had the urge to buy it for them. Or you saw something in print you wanted to pass on to someone. Be aware that the universe often offers good things as pearls. Pearls are beautiful but come about as a result of an irritation of the oyster. So look for the tiny gem of good in the bad, see the silver lining, find ways of getting inspiration from events that do not go smoothly for you. Let magic spark for you. It is there.

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