My magic castle

My magic castle

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Magic Of Being

I want to continue with a concept I started to discuss in the last post, of being your own teacher. I have known several very successful people who would write in their journal every night about the day's events. Then they would make comments on how they could have been better at what they were doing. That is one way of being your own teacher, judging after the fact and planning ways to make changes. What I am suggesting is that you can become so attuned to yourself and the circumstances that you can make changes as you go. Like an actress who understands the role so well that when another actor changes his line, she instantly comes up with a change in her own line that fits the play and the audience has no idea they have gone 'off script'. Look at the readiness of tennis players. They are ready to go in any direction needed in order to hit that ball back over the net. You may have to work up to this flexibility and readiness. To start you may need to practice stopping the flow of words that streams through your mind, such as conversations with other people. You can substitute reporting what is going on in the moment, such 'I am standing, I am breathing, I feel the wind.' In addition to getting rid of mental distractions you need to be aware of physical distractions. Notice which muscle groups are freezing up and look for ways to keep them free enough to be ready to use if they are needed. Reminding yourself of the goal or task may also be helpful. This is your for you to teach to yourself. You can reach out to grab that spark of magic that will help you be in the moment and live your life more successfully.

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