My magic castle

My magic castle

Monday, April 26, 2010

Asking Qestions

It is good to ask questions, particularly of your self. The answers you get will guide you along the path you want to follow. They also may help you find the path you want to follow. Sometimes it is good to ask the question: "Is this a convention or tradition I want to preserve or follow?" If you do decide to continue with a certain convention you may have developed a better understanding of it by questioning it. I sometimes find myself questioning where I am trying to go with my writing. One of the things I am working on right now may not have a ready-made readership. I am not even sure that the friend who is the most encouraging of my writing will want to read it. I am not sure if it is his 'style.' But the work I am putting in on it is improving my skill as a writer and I am invested enough in it that I will continue. When I am finished I can worry about readership. If I had the answer to the question as to what would be wildly successful commercially that I would want to write, I would be putting effort that way. I do hope for commercial success. But I am trying to find ways to use words to persuade people to be whimsical, loving, courageous, tolerant, disciplined and happy. As I write stories in this vein I feel that I have grabbed onto that spark of magic. So my life feels good.

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