My magic castle

My magic castle

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Magic Of Synergy

Synergy is when the sum is more than equal to the parts. When synergy kicks in there is some catalyst that makes 4 + 4 = 10. Friendships can be that way. When you are around certain people work is much more productive and easier. The burdens are lighter, the road is easier and the day is shorter. When you have work you love the productivity is greatly increased. How can you bring synergy into your daily life? Do all that you can to remove stress, streamline your activities by developing systems that make things go smoothly and share with others. Humor is a great help. Faith in yourself is helpful. If you doubt your abilities switch that to faith that you will improve or get help. Develop ways of keeping your eye on the prize. I find new story ideas crop up all the time that I want to pursue. I have developed ways of encouraging my creative self to continue to give me ideas, while I avoid distraction and work on the most important tasks. I also look for ways to make one thing do the work of two. One bit of research might be useful in several ways. One dead end might be a good pathway in another situation. Synergy does not exist in a vacuum. Nor is it static. It is part of an ongoing whole. Look at your life in a wholistic way and use that spark of magic to draw opportunities for synergy to work for you. That will give you a zing that makes life a little bit better.

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