My magic castle

My magic castle

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Finish Up Your Magic

Magic is well formed. A sloppy magician will be a failed magician eventually. To make sure that the spark is not wasted you must train yourself to tie up loose ends.
Read over what you have written. Listen to what you say. Clarify conversations with others. Make sure bills are paid. Look over a job or task you have finished to see if it seems well done. The spark can help you in this. When I had a cleaning business I would wait for the zing of satisfaction to hit me as I looked back over my work. If it felt good then I knew I was done. Tie up your loose ends in a craftsman like way rather than in a dutiful way. To do things with joy, in a musical rhythm will help the spark of magic enter into your daily activities. Good manners are part of this magical flow. Do more than tie a simple good-enough knot to your loose ends. When you can, give things a bit of flair. When you see a mint on the pillow and toilet paper ends folded under in a triangle when you enter your hotel suite you feel as if all the cleaning was well done. Look for ways to tie things up with a flair in your daily activities. It will express your inner self and make it stronger. Magic is much more than simple cause and effect. Let your self shine forth. That will be a spark of magic that will bring you benefits from unsuspected sources.

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